Cafetín Roasting Company
We take the time...
     Hello and welcome, you have found the Cafetín Roasting Company!

   One of the few specialty roasters in the US owned and operated by an actual award winning coffee grower.
You must have been purposefully looking for  great coffe to have found us as our Cafetín coffee is not well known outside of high end coffee circles.  Our small company is in the historic colonial town of Chestertown on the beautiful Easternshore of the Chesapeake Bay.   

    Cafetín, pronounced (Cafe teen), is a nickname for Tim´s coffee which our friends in Costa Rica would use for me and our farm.  It is also a name for a short coffee break that gives you that needed pause to reflect during a busy day. We have been producing green coffee since 2004 and roasting our own since 2012.  Going from an unknown rural social project on a remote mountain top, to being selected and roasted by top roasters around the world.  Then awarded 5th best coffee in the nation by the prestigious international "Cup of Excellence" jury in 2009.

   We grow and then care for our coffee beans from flower to cup, which takes us about 16 months to do. We are now just beginning to craft roast our own coffee and those beans we source from friends and other producers who share our passion for exceptional coffees. We take the time to roast and honor great producers who do it right and we hope you will take the time to enjoy our coffee!  We are just getting started and have limited selection.  Keep checking back or join us on facebook to get updates as we expand our offerings.

We are currently a wholesale coffee roaster but also available by request, at the Chestertown Maryland farmers market or Evergrain Bread Company in Chestertown.

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